My current work echoes the knowledge gained during my one year volunteer apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery. My forms and shapes have become very simple and subtle. The preservation of handmade qualities occur naturally during my making process which give my pots life, soul, and character that hopefully the user can identify. Combining pattern and brushwork with these simple forms I use as canvases now; I hope to fulfill a crafstman's duty by providing beautiful and affordable objects for the everyday use. I am fascinated with the use of iron as a decorative material and how beautiful the result of a simple brush stroke can be. I work in large batches which forces me to eliminate all unnecessary movements with both decorating and making. These qualities are shown in my work and is a way I pass on the mingei tradition and style of making. My practice will continue to be a constant learning experience as I travel and develop different ways of making. I also hope that one day I can pass along my knowledge and traditions I have gained to the next generation of studio potters.